What our clients say about us.

Logo of LaSalle Bank

"I completed four large-scale consulting projects with Sylver Consulting over a five-year period. Because of Brianna and her team's skills and collaborative approach, each project yielded significant assistance in driving product development and marketing, resulting in client satisfaction and increased revenues. I highly recommend Sylver Consulting to act as a catalyst for your business' growth."

– Former Senior VP, Business Planning and Innovation

Logo of Marriott International

"We hired Sylver Consulting to help with the redesign of the Marriott Rewards (MR) landing page and personalization efforts. They led a flawless research effort by participating in concept development, developing and performing on-site user research, and providing the Marriott eCommerce team with a solid set of findings. I would highly recommend Sylver Consulting as they added many 'Ah Ha' moments to the research findings—allowing us to take our projects to the next level of innovation."

– Senior Art Director

Logo of LaSalle Bank

"Sylver Consulting went well beyond our expectations, providing expert guidance on ethnographic research, strategically translating the research into results for the Bank and its customers. Sylver Consulting brings creativity, excellent facilitation skills and a strong ability to tailor their work to the unique needs of the client, which are key ingredients to ensure a successful outcome."

– Former Executive Vice President

Logo of Paslode

"Sylver Consulting helped us to gain insight into our customer's attitudes, which contributed to the creation of a more effective business strategy. We obtained a better understanding of customers' needs, which became the basis for new product development, as well as has influenced the positioning of existing product in the marketplace."

– Marketing Manager

Logo of Hudson

"The ethnographic research provided by Sylver Consulting on our employee behavior and work styles instilled a foundation for the success of our intranet launch. Everyone in the organization found it worthwhile to have a much deeper understanding of our "sales culture" and what that means to our intranet approach. For the entire development cycle of the three-year project, we were able to refer to the research every time we had questions on how to focus functionality, design and content around our user needs. The end result was a well-received intranet launch."

– Director of N.A Interactive Marketing

Logo of Vocollect

"Sylver Consulting did a great job in understanding our goal and delivering on our expectations. They helped us with a range of initiatives, from conducting interviews at our client sites to running a facilitated session at our customer conference to leading internal workshops with a cross-functional team from our organization. At every phase of the project, Brianna and her team came well prepared. They also adjusted readily as we provided feedback through the engagement about the value we were looking for, and to what extent outcomes were on or off target. The final artifacts of the work still hang on my wall and help inform us to this day in how we think about and structure customer engagements. Brianna and team were a pleasure to work with, and we got the strategic clarity we needed from the engagement."

– VP Products and Implementation Services

Logo of NASA Ames Research Center

"We cannot say enough good things about Sylver Consulting. They grasped the NASA landscape quickly, built rapport and gained respect by speaking the flight controllers' language, worked with us at every step of the project, visualized the planning process, created a process map the ISS Planners still use today and made actionable recommendations the User-Centered Technologies Team and the ISS Planners could use in short & long terms."

– Principal Investigator

Logo of Datex-Ohmeda, Inc.

"Sylver Consulting worked with Datex-Ohmeda Inc. on an exploratory research project that focused on the analysis of existing ethnographic video data to quantify and characterize interpersonal communication between medical professionals in the emergency care work environment. The final product of their work was an analytical framework that allowed us to see the data in a new way. Their ability to understand abstract concepts and objectives is a rare talent and significant asset! I highly recommend Sylver Consulting's performance-oriented work ethic and quality research output."

– Former R&D Program Manager

Logo of Frito Lay

"Sylver and team are tremendous assets as a researchers, innovators and thought partners. Their acumen allows them to cut through massive amounts of information to create easy-to-use and accurate strategic frameworks. At the same time, they find latent needs no one else was able to articulate. Sylver Consulting is a pleasure to work with and always a great partner."

– Design & Insights

Logo of Bosch Power Tools

"Sylver Consulting brings strong competencies to ethnographic research encompassing strategic thinking abilities, design background, communication skills, facilitation and project management expertise. They provide extremely well written and thorough deliverables, including cross-functional recommendations for product development, marketing and management."

– Former Market Research Director

Logo of Marriott International

"Sylver Consulting is a great pleasure to work with, always providing on-time and on-budget deliverables. They've helped us to expand our capabilities as a department, collaborating intimately with our project teams and offering guidance to our development efforts. With the research expertise they bring to the table, we've been able to speed up our development cycles and deliver more targeted products. We'd recommend them as an A-list vendor to work with at any time."

– Senior Director

Logo of Paslode Tools

"Sylver Consulting helped us to position and market a new power tool. Through two rounds of consumer research we were able to first identify from the user's perspective what they perceived the key differences of the new tool to be, which directly influenced the packaging and marketing strategy for the tool. Then, by creating a mocked-up retail set-up and applying an evaluative research protocol, we were able to discern the effectiveness of our proposed marketing strategy before investing the big dollars for implementation and distribution. The research that Sylver Consulting did was thorough, directed and targeted, which no doubt has contributed to the success we've gained with implementation thus far."

– Marketing Manager