Why Choose Us?

What makes Sylver Consulting unique
in the research and innovation space?

We are true experts
in qualitative research.

Qualitative research is the foundation of our offering. Whether you are looking to build fresh innovation platforms, evaluate new products, services or communications or explore uncharted territories, we can help you recruit the best possible research participants, discover what they think, see how they behave and understand why.

We take partnering
with you seriously.

We love working through difficult challenges with our clients. The most rewarding engagements are those in which we are co-creating success. Our greatest reward comes when everyone leaves feeling he or she has grown personally and professionally as a result of our experiences together.

Being method agnostic
gives us great flexibility.

Sylver maintains a state-of-the-art arsenal of research tools -- from in-person ethnographies, shop-alongs and focus groups to online interviews, mobile diaries and journaling studies. We are also adept at developing hybrid methodologies, knowing which mix of techniques will enable us to comprehensively explore the questions and/or challenges you bring to us.

We work across industries
and around the world.

Our experience enables us to make unexpected connections. What we learn in one industry might be surprisingly applicable to another. Insights from one country might inspire us to solve similar challenges elsewhere. Over the years, we have built a network of the best recruiters, ethnographers, moderators and interpreters on the planet.

We translate insights into tangible, actionable results.

We conduct research to help you make informed business decisions, working with you to interpret how research findings are relevant to your current challenges. We develop infographic-rich project deliverables written from a strategic point of view, so that they're digestible and actionable at the point of delivery.

We bring top talent to
each and every project.

At Sylver Consulting, we maintain a staff of highly skilled individuals who meet the demands of even the most rigorous projects. All of our team members have proficiency in particular methodologies, such as ethnography or creative problem solving, as well as industry- and/or country-specific expertise.