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Brianna was accepted to speak at the 2018 Corporate Researchers Conference

by Brianna Sylver

We’re excited to announce that Brianna was accepted, in partnership with Novantas, to speak at the 2018 Corporate Researchers Conference in Orlando, FL.

The Female Insight Zone Podcast interviews inspiring female business leaders to reveal insights into their successes, failures, and how they have been overcome.

More specifically, from the presentation session attendees will:

  • Acquire a mental model for how to think about and integrate AI into the research process.
  • Define where and how AI-powered research platforms and methods can add value to their work.
  • Articulate how cognitive systems (AI-powered research platforms) and human systems (the practitioners) need to work in a symbiotic relationship to achieve quality, actionable insights.

This presentation is so poignant as practitioners try to decide if they should embrace of fear AI.

If you’re looking to be a part of this conversation by attending the CRC conference, make sure to register using our code SPEAK100 at checkout!

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