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Brianna Sylver


Brianna, founder and President of Sylver Consulting, focuses on helping clients become more targeted in their organic growth. An innovation strategist and worldwide speaker, she specializes in diverse qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, creative problem solving, and brand positioning.

Yet, with all this information swirling about, why is it still so difficult for marketers to “crack” the authenticity code in a way that delivers real impact with Millennials? Why are companies and brands still asking, with increasing frequency and volume ...

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Jean McDonnell

Director of Innovation Research and Strategy

Jean brings to us a rich and varied background in consumer research and a deep expertise in the youth and family market. In the past, she has served as a vice president at C+R Research, as a long-term contractor to Razorfish, and as principal of her own strategic research consultancy, JMD Research and Consulting.

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Robert Maihofer

Senior Market Research Analyst

Robert has a track record of skillfully using qualitative and quantitative market research to produce implementable consumer insights. As Senior Market Research Analyst with a focus on quantitative projects, his experience with online, telephone, and mail market research will help clients achieve their insights goals.

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Elisa Pontes

Associate Research Consultant

Elisa's contributions make all the difference, saving time and helping improve the quality of our final deliverables. She holds a BA in graphic design from the University of Brasília and a MA in design focusing on cultural identities and multiculturalism from Senac-São Paulo.

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Carrie Graham

Admin Assistant

Carrie works closely with Brianna to extend her reach with administrative tasks, while supporting the operations of the Sylver team. Well versed in social media marketing, Carrie facilitates Sylver’s B2B social media strategy.

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Adriano Braun Galvao

Vice President

Adriano leads the development of our presence in Latin America and built the company's expertise in foresight planning and strategy. He is an expert in the fields of consumer insights, new product development, and engineering design, with distinctions from IDEA/IDSA, BraunPrize and Xerox/ASME.

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Justin Blomgren

Director of Client Services

Justin brings an extensive experience of over 15 years in sales in a wide array of industries, specializing in market research. He has a natural ability to communicate effectively and identify client's problems and needs, while finding economical research initiatives to grow their business.

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Andrew Russell

Design Researcher

Andrew is a curious, highly creative researcher who excels at understanding complex problems and framing insights into actionable design criteria. He is responsible for qualitative analysis and design research focused on user experience journeys that close the gap between analytical and emotional insights.

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Ellen Frank-Miller

Senior Researcher

Ellen is responsible for quantitative analysis at Sylver Consulting. She is a key team leader for projects related to market analysis and the definition of new territories. She has been instrumental in developing Sylver Consulting's unique Granular Behavioral Analysis™ methodology.

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What Does Authenticity Really Mean to Millennials?

Utilizing the Power of Symbolics™ for Deriving Deep Meaning on a Quant. Scale

Authenticity has become the “it” word for marketers attempting to connect with Millennial consumers. Hundreds of thousands of articles have been written on this topic.

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Brianna Sylver conferencing with a client

Brianna Sylver was interviewed by Voyage Chicago about her experience as an entrepreneur.

Brianna reflects on the evolution of Sylver Consulting as a local firm, from its inception in Chicago to travelling around the world to produce results for leading global brands.

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Why the Transformation of Brands, Products and Organizations Often Fail: YOU Fail to Show Up!

In this LinkedIn article, Brianna shares the number one obstacle to business growth that she sees with her clients.

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Our Open House Was a Blast

It was wonderful seeing the faces of so many supportive people at our open house last week! For those who couldn't be there, we'll be posting some photos from event.

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