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Brianna Sylver


Brianna, founder and President of Sylver Consulting, focuses on helping clients identify, create and execute on their visions for growth. An innovation strategist and worldwide speaker, educator, and facilitator of innovation process, Brianna has a reputation in the industry as an “innovation leader within the innovation movement.”

Brianna’s superpower is CLARITY

Brianna has a unique ability to see and cut through the clutter of indecision, misstep and confusion that accompanies complex growth initiatives. She brings purpose-driven focus to every problem, thereby eliminating unnecessary steps and inefficiencies and creating a clear pathway forward for achieving swift and measurable impact against critical business goals.

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Jean McDonnell

Director of Innovation Research and Strategy

Jean brings to Sylver a rich and varied background in qualitative consumer research and a deep expertise in the youth/family market and the Millennial cohort. Prior to joining Sylver Consulting in 2014, Jean served as a vice president and partner at C+R Research, as a design research contractor to Razorfish, and as principal of her own strategic research consultancy, JMD Research and Consulting.

Jean’s superpower is CONNECTION

Jean is a ‘bridge builder’ of people and ideas. She excels at finding the connection between seemingly unrelated, or previously unexplored, phenomenon. Motivated by the belief that all things (and people) are connected, Jean utilizes her ability to find critical connections among complex data and articulate them into simple constructs for addressing problems and building new solutions.

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Robert Maihofer

Senior Market Research Analyst

Robert joined Sylver in 2015 to serve as team project lead of quantitative and hybrid (qual./quant.) methodologies. Robert brings over 15 years of experience in market research and innovation. He is a subject-matter expert and passionate learner who continuously hones his skills for designing and leading quantitative and hybrid-based research to produce actionable marketing management insights.

Robert’s superpower is EXPLORATION

Robert approaches all of life (personal and professional) from a ‘well-planned explorer’ mindset. At work, every project is a new opportunity to chart new territory – whether it is to improve upon what was already been done or whether it is to head in a wholly new direction. Robert’s knack is for thinking through and planning all details of the journey ahead so that, once embarked on, every activity runs smoothly and everyone involved is fully supported and empowered to enjoy, create, and bring their best to the experience.

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Carrie Graham

Admin and New Media Marketing Specialist

Carrie works closely with Brianna and the team to extend their reach with administrative tasks, while supporting the operations of the Sylver organization. With a background in video production and well versed in social media marketing, Carrie works hard to make sure that Sylver-related news gets out to a wide audience across all of Sylver Consulting’s social channels.

Carrie’s superpower is PRODUCTION

Carrie is the go-to person at Sylver and an essential member of the creative team. A master of many talents, Carrie is at her best ‘executive producing’ the many initiatives she is charged with planning and executing, such as client engagement meetings and workshops, marketing and social media activities, and in-house recruitment projects. In each of these roles, she knows how to efficiently manage the details while adding just the right touch of content, context and creative color to make it “sizzle.”

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Adriano Braun Galvao

Vice President

Adriano, Vice President of Operations, oversees responsibility for human resources, accounting, vendor relationships, and the office’s physical and digital infrastructure. He has a knack for anticipating the needs of the organization, projects, clients, and employees, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. This holistic view of the business helps Adriano find opportunities and, together with Brianna Sylver, define actionable growth strategies for the company.

Adrianos’s superpower is PRECISION

Adriano is always looking for ways to improve the business of Sylver, which in turn, translates into improved outcomes, benefits and services for our clients. His journey through the process of business innovation is marked by his attention to details, his due diligence as a way to reach informed decision-making and his excellent negotiation skills. Adriano leaves no stone unturned in his search for “better” and is constantly challenging the Sylver team to reach higher.

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Andrew Russell

Design Researcher

Andrew is a curious, highly creative researcher who excels at understanding complex problems and framing insights into actionable design criteria. He is responsible for design research and qualitative analysis and is focused on user experience methods that close the gap between functional and emotional insights. Andrew is especially skilled in conducting persona and journey mapping research for the new product development process.

Andrew’s superpower is CURATION

Andrew’s passion for the art of design - and the research that informs it - is evident in everything he does. He is devoted to both the process of discovery and its ultimate goal of creating exquisitely beautiful and meaningful experiences for people. Like a Master Mixologist or Coffee Barista (both of which he regularly practices in his personal life), Andrew understands the importance of combining strong technical expertise with contextual ‘know how’ that is tailored to end-users’ specific tastes, preferences and needs.

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Elisa Pontes

Associate Research Consultant

Elisa's contributions make all the difference, saving time and helping improve the quality of our final deliverables. She holds a BA in graphic design from the University of Brasília and an MA in design focusing on cultural identities and multiculturalism from Senac-São Paulo.

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Ellen Frank-Miller

Senior Researcher

Ellen supports quantitative research strategy at Sylver and contributes to the development of innovative qual. and quant. research tools, such as Sylver Consulting’s proprietary Granular Behavioral Analysis™ (GBA) method. Her expertise in both quantitative and qualitative research springs from her academic training and extensive experience as a researcher, consultant, and educator. Ellen is a relentless inquisitor of data of all types, an academic researcher, and research methods instructor at the Master’s level.

Ellen’s superpower is ILLUMINATION

Ellen is an ‘illuminator’ of insights that dwell deep within data. She uses her unique ability to immerse herself completely in the ocean of information, ideas, and knowledge in order to shine light on the previously hidden and the not-yet-conceptualized. Tapping into her conviction that every problem has a solution, Ellen excavates key elements of awareness that bring ideas into action.

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