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Sylver Consulting Presents: Empathy in Design Thinking and Human Centered Design

by Robyn Minor

Sylver launched its first ever virtual webinar in November 2021 — just before the Thanksgiving holiday.

The topic was around empathy. We had two industry experts — Nakita M. Pope and Mileha Soneji — share ways to integrate empathy, in up leveled ways, into one's research and design projects.

The response to the webinar has been fantastic!

From one viewer...

"As a marketing strategist and DEI advocate, I thoroughly enjoyed your webinar! I enjoyed learning about Nakita Pope's extensive career journey and accomplishments in branding, a fiercely competitive industry that is slow to embrace diversity. I was delighted to learn that she used her position to educate and promote DEI advocacy. The highlight of her presentation for me was on 'Human Truths'. She made salient points that were universally relatable, thereby inclusive. As for Mileha, I am a fan of her Ted Talk. I especially liked her presentation 'Zoom on the Right Problem.' She underscores how humans are full of both complexities and contradictions. Another universal trait that requires researchers and marketers to implement multiple methodologies to learn why. Thanks for the great webinar!"

Curious to see how you might activate empathy to better understand the Human Truths of your audience and better articulate the problem you're solving for?

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