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Storytelling for Innovation Video Series: Become the Glue

by Brianna Sylver and Robyn Minor

Our #StorytellingForInnovation series continues! Today our founder, Brianna Sylver, brings you part 3 of our newest video series.

In this video, Brianna demonstrates and outlines the magnitude and relevance of the “Become the Glue” type of story. She answers the question of when we should use this type of story, how we can implement it to advocate for change and strategically offers an example of what situations may support a “Become the Glue” type of story.

In order for new innovations to take root, many people need to be on the frontlines advocating for the change being proposed. Helping people understand the why behind the change, from the perspective of those positioned to benefit most from the changes proposed, is an incredibly powerful tool to ensure buy-in and capacity building around specific innovations.

Learn how to use a “Become the Glue” type of story most strategically in your innovation work today!

  • 2021
  • Storytelling
  • Storytelling for Innovation Video Series
  • Research Methods

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