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Millennial Authenticity
White Paper

The Problem

Authenticity has become the “it” word for marketers attempting to resonate with Millennial consumers. Despite the many articles written on this topic, marketers are still trying to “crack the code” in a way that delivers real impact and resonates within the Millennial segment.

The Fix

Ask Millennials what “authenticity” means, using Sylver’s proprietary metaphor elicitation method — Symbolics™.

Symbolics™ is a unique hybrid qual/quant method that yields the subconscious, emotional connections that people make to a question or topic posed, and it does so on a quantitative, projectable scale.

The Result

The Millennial Authenticity white paper. This special report on Millennial Authenticity provides prescriptive details on:

  • What authenticity actually means to Millennials and the core proof points of what makes a brand resonate as authentic.
  • Prescriptive insight on how to express your organization or brand as authentic — from an image and textual perspective.
  • Lastly, a 3-step framework to guide you in putting these insights into practical action for your organization or brand.

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